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Baljit Khakh Baljit S. Khakh, Ph.D    Research in Prof. Khakh's laboratory shows that not all astrocytes, a type of brain cell that supports and protects neurons, are the same. The supportive brain cells vary when it comes to shape, molecular machinery and functioning. The findings, published in the journal Neuron, should make it easier for researchers to study how astrocytes relate to disease, or to develop drugs that aim to target small subsets of astrocytes.

Neuron 95, 1–19(2017)
DOI: 10.1016/j.neuron.2017.06.029

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Baljit Khakh Baljit S. Khakh, Ph.D   Prof. Baljit S. Khakh delivered the 27th Annual H.W. Magoun Lecture of the Brain Research Institute at UCLA. His talk on Tues. June 14th, 2016 was titled:

Astrocyte Roles in Neural Circuits: New Tools, Findings, and Concepts.

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